Our feedback platform shows you how you’re doing across your services, so you can focus on what matters, with measurable results.


Housing is ultimately all about one thing – people. Which means allocating budgets based on residents’ needs, while meeting targets and regulations.

Start your housing CX journey with Sabio Navigator

Meet Sabio Navigator, a platform that collates and analyses feedback from your residents, so you can take targeted action, with tangible results.

  • Up to 20% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Improved performance across 80% of services
  • +10% efficiency in costs and productivity
  • Time and costs down 15% for quality teams
  • Higher team engagement across all customer-facing roles
  • Fewer complaints and avoidable contacts

Three ways Sabio Navigator builds satisfaction and efficiency

  1. Driving team performance - Every team member and service provider, has a feedback score both they and their manager can see. Making it easy to troubleshoot, set objectives and invest in the right training and resources – boosting engagement and performance across your entire service.
  2. Solving problems fast - Sentiment tools gather and analyse feedback from different sources, so you can zero in on what needs improving, from response times to website information – with alerts for anything high risk or sensitive, so you can put safety first at all times and stop issues escalating.  
  3. Full transparency - Sabio Navigator assigns each piece of feedback to the relevant team or person, so there’s a trail for any issue and someone who’s accountable. Managers and residents can track any query, request or complaint and know who to contact to follow up.


How does Sabio Navigator give you return on investment?

On average, the companies we work with see a 10% improvement in cost-effectiveness and productivity – including shorter call times, fewer calls about simple queries and a more streamlined complaints process. Result? Happier residents, a more satisfied team, staying ahead of regulations and a full return on investment within 6 months.