Behind millions of great customer experiences around the world, you’ll find Avaya.

The highest level of support in Europe

Avaya's cloud communications solutions and multi-cloud application ecosystem create personalised, effortless experiences for customers and employees in over 100,000 companies.

At Sabio, we have a 20-year history working with Avaya on advanced, custom CX solutions for all markets and regions. When you work with us, you’ll have an Avaya Diamond Partner on hand, with the highest level of Avaya expertise and accreditations of any partner in Europe. Sabio are also the first Avaya partner to deliver an enterprise customer experience platform built upon Avaya’s flagship technology – Oceana.

Key features

  • Enterprise Omnichannel Innovation – our over the top (OTT) software creates an agile hybrid with Avaya’s cloud-based stacks, for shorter handle times and a bridge to automated self-service.
  • Managed Services – 24/7 support, plus proactive monitoring of your mission-critical on-premises Avaya platform helps you build and innovate, knowing it’s all in hand.
  • Move to Cloud – our accelerator team will work closely with you, helping you get the most from your existing system while charting a path to a future-proof technology stack.

We’re proud to be one of Avaya’s leading specialist global CX partners. With a Diamond Edge accreditation – their highest – for over 15 years, we’re Avaya’s most experienced delivery and service partner in Europe.

Our experience across all Avaya’s key technologies means we have specialist processes for delivering Avaya solutions while reducing time-to-live. We were the first partner to deliver AvayaX (previously called Oceana), and have developed our own IP to connect Avaya technology to your customers’ specific needs, for example with Sabio OnDemand.

We also focus more time above the value line, making your resources go further while honing customer experience. And we share our unique IP with you, tools that that unlock Avaya’s integration engine for self-service and AI innovation.

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Sabio is Spanish for 'wise', and is associated with King Alfonso X 'El Sabio' (1221-1284).
The name Sabio reflects the importance we place on the quest for knowledge, achievement and embracing the benefits of the diversity.
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