Agent Desktop

Agent Desktop

Quickly and easily interpret customer requests with a range of natural language and intuitive technologies to support your teams’ knowledge.

Agent Desktop

Advisor Desktop Transformation

If your advisors are still toggling between different platforms and interfaces, and it might be time to move to an integrated system, based in the cloud. With the right support, and ready-made accelerators built from years of best practice, you and your customers will start reaping the benefits faster than you think.

Knowledge Base

Integrated knowledge base

Make sure your team always have the right details to hand, with a smart, dynamic knowledge base that brings information together from across your business, and integrates seamlessly into their desktop. So you can cut customer waiting times, and make life easier for your advisors too.

Agent Assist

AI assisted advisors

Great customer service is fast and accurate, which means getting the answers you need on the spot – no waiting on hold while someone looks it up. Add Natural Language Processing to your advisor desktop and it can analyse conversations to understand what customers need and proactively find it for you.