Migrating to an omni-channel Genesys platform can be quicker than you think.


Our Accelerate framework gives you the best of both worlds – an industry-leading, easily customisable system that’s up and running within hours.

How it works

  • Flexible and bespoke – Accelerate isn’t a packaged product, it’s an accelerator that helps unlock the full potential Genesys can offer, faster, so you’re ready to integrate and innovate in the shortest time.
  • Ready-to-use templates – through experience, we found 80-100% of companies’ customer engagement needs can be quite similar, so we created best-practice design templates, ready to go.
  • Fast, automated deployment – once you’ve agreed on design, your customer specific Genesys environment deploys to VMware in hours, including server configuration, LAN and firewall settings. 
  • Live validation an auto-generated sandbox environment gives your team space to learn and try out the system in live workshops, so you can fix any gaps in training documents. 
  • Seamless migration –  test, validate and deploy your new system automatically in hours, so users and lines can switch seamlessly. And switch back just as easily in case there’s an issue.
  • Real-configuration – with our Mission Control dashboard, authorised users can configure the system in real time across all channels, without IT support.
  • More scope for innovation – because you’re not designing from scratch, have more time and money for innovation, so your customer experience stays one step ahead. 

Deploy your new Genesys system to VMware in hours with around 2,000 pre-documented Genesys deployment templates, automated testing and implementation.

Move to your new, tailored omni-channel Genesys CX system fast and seamlessly, for a quick return on investment, improved control and more scope for innovation.