& Performance

Our service suite lets you spot contact centre inefficiencies or potential outages – and act ahead of time.

Monitoring & Performance

How it works

  • Pre-empt and predict – continuous contact centre infrastructure and application testing alerts you to technical or performance problems before they happen. 
  • Identify bottlenecks – from service issues to missing information on your website, our reporting tools help you see why customers are coming to you, so you can fix problems at source.
  • Mirrors your architecture – our suite monitors baseline technology, integrated services and applications and third party systems, keeping an eye on your network in precise detail.
  • Specialised team – our performance testing consulting team are on hand to gather and analyse relevant data, to identify and correct problems before they can happen.

Specific features

  • Performance analysis – our monitoring software can identify parts of your network that are underperforming, so you know what needs technical attention.
  • Load simulation – our tools can simulate the activity of hundreds of agents and replicate customer behaviour at scale, so you’re ready for any unexpected surges.
  • Traffic analysis – from unanswered calls to incomplete web journeys, our SaaS Voice Traffic Analysis Dashboard and Digital Traffic Analysis helps you identify issues that many systems miss.
  • Monitor passive applications – keep tabs on often hidden issues, for example know about any recording outages right away, instead of finding out weeks later when you need to play back a call.

Avoid costly downtime or slowdowns with detailed, centrally managed contact centre performance testing across every point of your network.

Day-to-day monitoring and maintenance meets predictive contact centre performance testing for new deployments, simulating incoming and outgoing activity at scale, for complete confidence.