Sabio Group & its CRM consultancy, makepositive, to tackle AI evolution at Salesforce World Tour

Sabio Group and its specialist Salesforce CRM consultancy, makepositive, are to tackle the AI evolution sweeping across the customer service industry as part of their participation at the forthcoming Salesforce World Tour 2023.

Sabio Group & its CRM consultancy, makepositive, to tackle AI evolution at Salesforce World Tour

As a ‘Groundbreaker Sponsor’ at the event, Sabio, the digital customer experience (CX) transformation specialist, and makepositive will demonstrate their commitment to innovation in the world of customer engagement and the revolutionary opportunities that come with it.

The spotlight will be on Stuart Dorman, Sabio's Chief Innovation Officer, who will present a pivotal talk entitled 'Recalibrating customer engagement in the post-GPT world'.

Stuart's presentation will unravel the transformative impacts of generative AI and discuss the exciting immediate use cases of Einstein GPT across customer service. The presentation is poised to equip delegates with the knowledge required to embrace the AI revolution, starting with effective data preparation.

“AI is no longer a concept of the future. It's here and reshaping how businesses engage with their customers,” says Mark Mitchell, Managing Director of makepositive. “Stuart's session will provide invaluable insights into how businesses can leverage the capabilities of AI, and specifically Einstein GPT, to improve their service and sales performance.”

This year's Salesforce World Tour will once again be a hub for trailblazers and business leaders across the UK, all coming together to exchange insights, inspire change, and drive growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

As part of its participation, Sabio and makepositive invite attendees to an exclusive networking opportunity at the WXYZ bar at Aloft Hotel, conveniently located next to ExCeL.

Here, delegates will have a chance to engage with Sabio's makepositive team in an informal setting, fostering meaningful dialogue around the transformative potential of AI in customer engagement.

Mark added: “We're excited to have these conversations about AI's transformative potential. We are committed to helping businesses optimise their customer engagement strategies in an increasingly AI-driven world.”

For more information on the event or about how to harness the power of AI in customer engagement visit makepositive’s website.

Salesforce World Tour 2023 is Salesforce’s flagship event for Trailblazers and business leaders from across the United Kingdom, acting as a beacon of inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative growth. 

Hosted at ExCeL London, the event offers attendees the unique opportunity to connect with experts, exchange ideas, and discover innovative strategies and technologies driving the world of business. 

This year, the spotlight is on the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence, with insightful sessions exploring how it is reshaping customer engagement, business operations, and strategic decision-making. The event is set to be a testament to the power of connection and the promise of a digitised, AI-driven future.

*Stuart Dorman’s speech will take place on Thursday, June 29th at 2pm at the Campground Theatre at Salesforce World Tour.


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