Knowledge-based bots

Connecting customers – and your team – to the information they need can be difficult. That’s where knowledge-based bots can help, bringing knowledge from across your organisation into one, self-updating resource, for accurate answers, instantly, on any channel. 

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What is a knowledge-based bot, and why do I need one?

Knowledge-based bots aggregate real-time information from your business into a central, smart repository, so you can find answers from any touchpoint. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the bot also learns what’s popular and what might be missing, so your team knows what content to create next.

If your business is complex or fast-moving, this kind of technology can transform your customer experience on a number of levels.   

How it works

  • APIs bring knowledge together into a single source of truth.
  • Single repository to share across web, phone, chat and social media
  • Standard layout or design an interface in your brand style
  • Segment and manage knowledge for different audiences easily
  • Cloud-based SaaS
  • Responds with to 97% accuracy
  • Understands and respond to customer emotion and feedback
  • See trending FAQs and get real-time feedback


  • Customers and employees enjoy a better, more intuitive experience.
  • Reduce calls by 60% and emails by 55%.
  • Reduced staff training from 6 weeks to 1 week.
  • Identify and fix knowledge gaps in your existing resources.

Knowledge-based bots can add value in all kinds of organisations, but make a critical difference in industries that rely on a range of different information sources, high volumes and multiple touchpoints, like travel, utilities or public services.

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AI & Automation

Virtual assistants – from voice automation to knowledge-based bots – can cut your call volumes while boosting customer satisfaction and staff loyalty.

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