Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator

When it’s time to move your advisor support technology to the cloud, you’ll want the migration to go as smoothly as possible, while saving time and costs.  

Service Cloud Accelerator

The Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator from our Salesforce implementation company, Sabio Salesforce Practice, is a service that helps you do just that, with different levels of support to suit your business. 

Why choose Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator?

Sabio Salesforce Practice has built their Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator from best practice approaches learned over the last ten years across a wide range of industries. Because it’s pre-built, design and delivery is much faster, making your migration less expensive, as well as lower risk.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Improved customer experience – puts sales, finance and service together, for a 360 view.
  • Best-in-class platform – combines industry leading functionality from across the Salesforce suite.
  • Quicker time-to-value and higher ROI – up to 35% lower cost and up to 40% faster implementation.
  • Happier team – helps your people work together, with no more disjointed data issues and systems.

Different tiers, depending on the level of support you need

Some businesses are more transformation-ready than others, so the accelerator has three tiers, depending on what you need. The foundation level, Service Core, automates the project lifecycle, making the process faster and more efficient, while giving customers a fully functioning service, tested using provar.

Tier 1: Service Core

  • Core channels
  • Service action centre
  • Automated service cloud
  • Internal knowledge base
  • Integrated problem management

Tier 2: Service Premium

  • Extended channel live chat and SMS
  • Customer 360 (customer knowledge base)
  • Community integration
  • Case updates
  • Product insights

Tier 3: Service Ultimate

  • AI driven
  • Full automation
  • Chatbots
  • Service analytics