As you’d expect, Google Cloud’s contact centre solutions include some of the best automation and AI tools out there.

Google Cloud

Dialogflow, part of Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI solution – helps make customer experiences effortless, while giving you unparalleled conversational and customer insights.

Using Google Cloud to automate your customer experience

At Sabio, we’re proud to be recognised as Google Cloud’s leading contact centre specialist in Europe. We use Google’s Contact Centre AI technology to automate voice interactions, cutting call transfers while giving your customers a more personalised experience.

How Google’s Conversational AI helps you get customers to the right place

Google’s powerful Conversational AI acts as a highly intelligent digital concierge that answers every call, message or chat session. A quick conversation helps it understand who the customer is, and what they’re looking for – and it uses this to work out what they need next. That could mean talking to the AI more,  connecting them to the right team member, or signposting them to the right digital channel.

Working with Sabio and Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI solution helps you:

  • Automate up to 40% of your interaction volumes with conversational AI
  • Cut call transfers by combining customer identity with intent to route calls accurately
  • Help advisors with contextual AI support as they talk to customers

What makes us different

Working with an expert team of conversational designers and speech scientists, we help you channel Google Cloud Contact Centre AI into a CX that’s effortless for your team and customers.   

  • Our conversational artists and speech scientists draw on deep expertise and proven methods to bring the very best out of Google AI.
  • Our Intent Capture and Analysis process helps you start small, understand exactly where conversational AI adds the most value for your customers – reducing risk and maximising return.
  • Now going for over 15 years, our Speech Practice is behind some of the most successful speech and conversational AI applications in the world.