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When it comes to building a great customer experience, your most important asset – and biggest investment by far – is your team. Voice of the Employee is a solution that helps managers understand their teams better, so you can build the motivation and engagement that translates into a winning service.

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Why do I need a Voice of the Employee solution?

How your team feel about your company, and about working with each other, has a direct effect on your business performance, and your ability to serve customers well. That means taking care of their mental wellbeing, and making sure your business is living up to its values and beliefs is critical. There’s a lot of different advice out there about what engages employees, and builds strong teams, but in reality, every business is different, and unless you really know how people feel and think, you can waste a lot of time and money on initiatives that aren’t very focused.

Measure, analyse, act

Voice of the Employee is a solution that harnesses data to understand what makes your people tick, and how teams are performing, and connects this knowledge to management best practice. So you can zero in on what will really make a difference to your company, your brand and your customers.

How it works at a glance

  • Feedback platform that maps the roles and team structure of your organization.
  • General and specialised surveys provide a picture over time.
  • Analysis, reporting and recommendations based on data and trends.
  • Results benchmarked for industry, country, key competitors.
  • Detailed follow up plans based on proven best practice.
  • Measures engagement, leadership , team efficiency, work environment and employer brand

Harness the power of your people with Bright by Sabio

At Sabio, we’ve combined technology with years of management expertise to create Bright, a Voice of the Employee platform that measurably builds stronger, more effective teams. Easy to use, adaptable and available in 11 languages (with employee surveys in 25 languages), it can show you your company as you’ve never seen it before, and give you tangible ways to build the industry-leading teamwork and dedication that leads to great customer service. 

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