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Find out what parts of your CX are working well, and what needs attention, with contact centre reporting tools. So you can see what’s causing more calls and support customers better, day after day.

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Hone your customer experience with contact centre performance tools

It’s hard to provide a consistently great service without understanding how different parts of your experience are performing. Maybe customers are finding it hard to get through to you. Perhaps they’re stuck on your website and need help. Or there could be a broader service issue causing a surge in calls.

That’s where contact centre reporting tools can help – showing your teams precisely what’s happening at different points on the journey, so you can boost performance in specific, measurable ways.

Reporting tools delivered as a service

At Sabio, we offer a range of contact centre and digital engagement reporting tools that help you analyse and optimise different aspects of your customer support service, including:

  • Voice traffic analysis – identifying hidden issues in telephone support
  • Digital traffic analysis – real-time insight into customers’ online behaviour
  • Speech and text analytics – understand what’s motivating voice and text interactions

And because we provide our reporting tools a service (SaaS), you can use them flexibly in the way that suits you, on a pay as you go basis, and get up and running quickly.

Voice traffic gives you insights from inbound call records

Did you know, around 20% of calls that don’t even reach the contact centre – whether that’s out-of-hours contacts, unanswered or engaged contacts or ‘lost in IVR’ interactions? Our SaaS Voice Traffic Analysis dashboard gives you the stats on customers who can’t get through, as well as the ones who do.

Digital traffic analysis helps you optimise your online engagement

Our Digital Traffic Analysis tracks online activity across channels, so you can fine-tune and update your journey to help more customers find what they need, booting satisfaction and saving on support costs.

Analyse speech and text interactions to improve contact centre performance

The way customers talk to you can tell you a lot about what they’re really thinking, and what they want. Our comprehensive speech and text analytics tool gathers data from email, text and voice, giving you tangible insights to help create the service they really need.

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