Sabio Group Helps ENGIE Achieve Cloud Migration Goals Ahead of Schedule

Sabio Group, the global digital experience transformation services specialist, has successfully migrated more than 4,600 contact centre agents across four entities for a major utilities company in France – two months ahead of schedule.  

Sabio Group Helps ENGIE Achieve Cloud Migration Goals Ahead of Schedule

In a recently published case study, the Genesys Cloud project with ENGIE was delivered two months ahead of the 12-month schedule, exemplifying Sabio's expertise in delivering rapid Genesys Cloud deployments. 

As well as over 4,600 agents, the migration covered the handling of 150 million annual voice minutes.  

To minimise disruption, Sabio centralised and staggered the migration of all voice flows through its own data centres. The company also implemented over 2,000 SIP channels to support ENGIE's voice-heavy operations. 

Deep integrations with Salesforce and SAP provided agents with a 360-degree customer view for more personalised service. Additional custom APIs enabled tighter integration with ENGIE's other applications. 

Herve Racine, Country Manager for France, Italy and Morocco at Sabio Group, said: “The speed of this migration demonstrates our proven methodology and extensive Genesys expertise. Migrating a customer of this size in just 10 months required close collaboration to understand ENGIE's needs and deliver tailored solutions on time.” 

The results underscore the transformative power of Genesys Cloud and Sabio's integration capabilities: 

  • Automation and self-service via interactive voice response lowered call volume, enabling agents to focus on complex issues 

  • Omnichannel visibility into customer interactions boosted personalisation and efficiency 

  • Optimised staffing drove significant cost savings without compromising service quality 

  • Reduced call abandonment rate improved customer satisfaction and loyalty 

“This successful project with ENGIE is a testament to the Genesys skills and expertise we possess within the organisation,” said Mark Betts, Chief Experience Officer at Sabio Group. “Leveraging cloud and integration to enhance customer and employee experiences has delivered measurable ROI for ENGIE through greater efficiency and customer retention. And to deliver a project of this size two months ahead of schedule is exceptionally pleasing and yet further proof of our capabilities.” 

For delivering exceptional speed and results for this project, Sabio received Genesys' “Best Deal of the Year” award for Europe. This recognition underscores Sabio's unique strengths in migrating large, complex contact centres to the cloud. 

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