Putting your people first with Human Service

Why it’s time to look inwards and unlock the potential of your #1 asset


Disruptive factors such as digital transformation, the increased use of automation and AI, smarter use of data across the business, and the transition to the cloud are all combining to bring huge change across the customer service sector.

Each of these areas opens up significant opportunities for improvements in efficiency and customer engagement. But, as we rush to transform our customer service operations and secure the benefits of these innovations, it’s all too easy to overlook the impact they can have on the CX world’s #1 asset – your people.

While brands clearly had a pressing need to transition from assisted to self-service channels during the pandemic, few have really thought about what this would ultimately mean for their contact centre advisors – the key Human Service element of any CX strategy.

    Putting your people first with Human Service

    Download Sabio’s Human Service eBook to:

    • Learn why it’s so important to monitor advisor wellbeing, particularly given the average 15% advisor attrition rate across many countries
    • Find out more about ways to keep advisors engaged and performing at a higher level
    • Understand the true cost of replacing and training contact centre advisors, and save up to £1m a year if you’re running a 500-seat operation
    • Discover how to enable truly integrated assisted agent desktops – giving advisors the tools they need to deliver high quality customer experiences
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