Sabio Airline - leverage voice as a digital channel

Language has been our default way of communicating for around 150,000 years.

Sabio Airline - leverage voice as a digital channel

Organisations’ drive for self-sufficient customers has tried to supersede the conversation. But humans naturally want to connect. So why not have the best of both worlds?

Let's stop - stopping the conversation.

Introducing Sabio Airline

  • Leverage voice as a digital channel
  • Use Google AI technology to create a highly intelligent virtual agent
  • Customers are engaged through naturalistic conversations in any format
  • Reduce pressure on your advisors and effort for your customers
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Did you know?
Sabio is Spanish for 'wise', and is associated with King Alfonso X 'El Sabio' (1221-1284).
The name Sabio reflects the importance we place on the quest for knowledge, achievement and embracing the benefits of the diversity.
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