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If your existing platforms are holding you back, but migrating to public cloud isn’t an option right now, private cloud could be the answer. So Your customers can start to enjoy the benefits of cloud services, while you keep things simple, manageable and within budget. 

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Move on from on-premise platforms in a manageable way with private cloud

Most businesses know the advantages of moving your CX systems from on-premise platforms to the cloud. The trouble is, migrating to public cloud services might not be feasible, at least not yet. Thankfully there’s a third option – private cloud. In other words, moving some services to a cloud platform hosted by a specialist provider, like the one we provide ourselves here at Sabio.

When you use private cloud, you get the rich features and space for innovation within a secure and serviced environment. You can subscribe to or rent the services you want while continuing to use the existing platforms you’ve invested in.

We’re not the only provider to offer private cloud, but our OnDemand Private Cloud service gives you several advantages. Aside from the technical benefits – we work with some of the leading technology companies to give you added features, flexibility and security – you’ll have our team on hand to advise you on the most efficient way to make the biggest difference to your customers.

Benefits for you and your customers

  • Avoid outages
  • Reduce incidents by up to 70% compared to on-premise platforms
  • Reduce TCO by up to 25%
  • Save time as advisors don’t need to switch applications
  • Adopt innovative tech
  • Migrate to a subscription model
  • Boost first-time call resolution by 7%
  • Right advisor, right time up 15%

Includes technology from the leading providers including:

Avaya, Genesys, Verint, Google, Gamma

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