Accelerating Customer Experience with Sabio CX Discovery

The last few years have seen a renewed focus on customer service, with the pandemic not only driving the digitalisation of customer interactions forward by several years, but also placing Customer Experience (CX) firmly on the boardroom agenda. Simply providing traditional customer service is no longer enough.

With customer expectations increasing all the time, and digital transformation accelerating unprecedented changes in CX delivery, brands need to ensure a consistently excellent experience across their end-to-end customer journeys.

Accelerating Customer Experience with Sabio CX Discovery

It’s essential that brands take the correct decisions when it comes to transforming their CX strategy. Get it right, and customers will remain loyal, spend more with you, and be much more likely to share and recommend their positive experiences. But get CX wrong and the costs can be significant – not just in terms of poor customer satisfaction, but also reduced sales and lost reputation.


Accelerating major CX transformation programmes requires clear CX goals to be set from the start. And before getting your CX transformation under way, you’ll need to assess your current contact technology infrastructure in detail, and establish how you can maintain effective engagement while also driving transformation.

Our CX Discovery framework is a 5-day consultative exercise aimed directly at helping organisations to move towards CX excellence in a structured way. CX Discovery follows a four-stage process:

  1. Introduction Preparation
  2. Workshops & Interviews
  3. Analysis
  4. Recommendations
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