Advisor Desktop Transformation

If your advisors are still toggling between different platforms and interfaces, and it might be time to move to an integrated system, based in the cloud. With the right support, and ready-made accelerators built from years of best practice, you and your customers will start reaping the benefits faster than you think.

Digital transformation illustration showing connecting parts

Why should you move your agent platform into the cloud?

  • Improved customer experience – bring all your data together, for a 360 view.
  • Best-in-class platform – combines industry-leading functionality.
  • Quicker and higher ROI – up to 35% lower cost and up to 40% faster implementation.
  • Happier team – helps your people work together, with no more disjointed data issues and systems.

Service Cloud Accelerator from makepositive

Service Cloud Accelerator, from our CRM practice, makepositive, can help you move your advisor support into the cloud with confidence.  Built from over a decade of working with all kinds of businesses, helps you design and deliver your new desktop using pre-built templates and tools, making migration less expensive, as well as lower risk.

Some businesses are more transformation-ready than others, so the accelerator has three tiers of support, depending on what you need.

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