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With public cloud, your entire system lives with a third party, like Amazon or Azure, that provides services over the public internet. With pay-per-use and no need for on-site maintenance, it’s a powerful option for businesses who need to stay responsive, resilient and scalable, while reducing their technology footprint.

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What is a public cloud contact centre?

When you choose a public cloud solution for your contact centre, it means all your hardware, storage and software, including maintenance and upgrades, are provided and managed remotely, through the internet. The provider, like Amazon or Azure, takes care of your entire system, while you pay for what you use.

Choosing Contact Centre as a Service, as it’s also known, has certain advantages:

  • Faster innovation  – the provider releases new functionalities in cloud, so they’re easy to implement as soon as you want to use them.
  • Easily scalable – when your business grows or changes, the hardware, software and support you need is already on hand, so you don’t need an IT team to make those changes.
  • Robust and resilient – the provider continually tests and validates all their processes and services, so there’s minimum or no downtime.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced costs – with public cloud you won’t have separate IT infrastructure costs, as hardware and software costs are all included, including upgrades.
  • No maintenance – your provider takes care of all support and maintenance 24/7.
  • Pay per use – you only pay for the services you use, making it transparent, scalable and easy to manage.
  • High reliability – your cloud provider gives you a transparent service and architecture, so you can be confident about business continuity at all times.

How does it work?

Public cloud services tend to work across different geographical regions, with subscribers in each region sharing hardware and storage.

Security is paramount, so each cloud vendor will deal with strategy and compliance for general markets, like PCI Compliance or GDPR, and also for specific verticals, like healthcare or government services.

For data protection, services in the cloud manage transit data using HTTPS and encrypting destination data as recordings or chat transcripts.

Licensing is usually pay per use model, so whatever the size or nature of your organization, you can decide on, and pay for, the services or channels you need.

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