Look closer at any company with great CX, and you’ll find a team of people, who are engaged, motivated and in sync.


Navigator is an easy-to-use, data-driven Voice of the Employee platform, that unleashes the power of your team by recommending measurable ways to boost employee satisfaction and performance.

Unleashing the power of people through brilliant insights and actions

Brilliant is our Voice of the Employee platform that measures team engagement and performance, and shows you how to take action. Using a combination of company-wide data, follow up plans and support, Brilliant helps you build stronger, more effective and motivated teams from the inside out.

Measure, analyse, act.

Every organisation is different. To move forward, you’ll need the data that’s relevant for your operations, structure and company culture. Using a three-part process of ‘measure, analyse, act’, we look at key areas of your business to find out what’s working and what isn’t, and what actions will make a tangible difference for your people and company.


  • General and specific surveys, deep-dive or ‘pulse’, along the timeline of your project.
  • Areas include: engagement, leadership, team efficiency, work environment, employer brand.
  • Surveys available in up to 25 languages, in easy-to-use channels and formats.


  • Focus reports created in platform.
  • View and track by area and team.
  • Smart insights based on Organisational Behaviour Management best practice.


  • Trackable actions make process measurable and accountable.
  • Follow-up surveys connect actions to results.
  • Brilliant customer care helps support you and your teams. 

Digital tool at a glance

  • Survey self-activation
  • Various benchmarks for industry, country, high-performing companies
  • Personal accounts for all managers
  • Tool in 11 languages
  • Follow-up suggestions and focus recommendations
  • Continuous change and improvement
  • Create and follow-up team action plans
  • Access to Brilliant support customer care

Survey support at a glance

  • Responsive survey in 25 languages
  • Distribution via mail or team pin code
  • 5-graded answer scale
  • Open-answer opportunity

Our insights will bring out the true potential in people, helping companies drive change, engagement and results.